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The climate is warmer in the North and cooler in the South. Cape Town in the Western Cape have their rainy season in the winter (June to August). Summer is a time when Cape Town is buzzing with visitors from all corners. Things cool down quite a bit between March and May as winter approaches. In the rest of the country it rains during the Summer in November through March. The rains rarely last long. The temperatures in summer reaches daytime highs of 32 C (90F) and it can become quite humid. May to September are the cooler months.

Safaris are best enjoyed during the dry season which is between May and October. During this time sightings of various wildlife is better because most of the vegation has died back. Spring however is a very exciting time in the bush as its birthing season so many new borns will be spotted and having said. Summer although hot in some regions or rainy in others can also offer really good safari experiences.

South Africa is a fairly large country compared to many other countries, so look at spending 10 – 14days to be able to enjoy a memorable holiday visiting our regions – winelands, coastal areas, Garden Route with some interesting little towns dotted around the country connecting our main attractions.

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance before undertaking your trip. Discuss the details of the policies to ensure that you are covered sufficiently for any eventuality while travelling.

Flights between Provinces are easily arranged to minimize time spent on the roads. It is fairly safe to self drive in most of our regions, however we would recommend touring with transport included for a more relaxed experience as well as the services of qualified guides who are knowledgeable about the regions.

You will find kiosks that sell local Sim cards covering the local service providers. Most hotels and guest houses offer free Wi Fi to guests.

The tap water is safe to drink in most of our Cities, however its advisable to drink purchase bottled water.

It is recommended to tip staff at restaurants – the acceptable figure is 10% of the bill. Tipping guides and drivers on tours and safaris can range from R50 per activity.

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